Meet Silas


Imagine this…


The school day is over and you’re walking down the road with your friends.
Nothing so special about today. While chatting, you kick a small rock and chase after it only to give it another kick down the road. It’s hot. The sky affords no relief from the glaring sun. An occasional vehicle passes by leaving behind a plume of dust from the dry dirt road. 


You’re at peace even though you may not eat again until tomorrow when lunch is served at your school. You’re used to it. You just don’t dwell on the emptiness in your belly. Lost in the playful antics of boys walking along the road you don’t see the impending danger…



Disoriented and unsure of what just happened, you open your eyes only to see the blurry red lights weaving in the far distance. Suddenly time stands still. Your surroundings are a blur; all you notice is the pounding beat of your heart, the rush of blood, the excruciating pain. You try to move, but you can’t. Your legs are crushed. Both of them. You’re in shock, crying in pain.


Your friends don’t know what to do. People nearby run to see if they can help. Barely conscious you are hardly aware of your dad as he tries to lift you into a borrowed vehicle to take you to a hospital. Hours have passed. Finally, the doctor speaks to your dad words that are incomprehensible. “The boy will never walk again.” They take you into surgery to attempt to stabilize your legs with rods and pins but they are unable to do much else. The doctor’s words echo in your semi-conscious state: “You’ll be disabled for life.”  But, something  inside you refuses to accept that. You know that one day you will indeed walk again. 

That day came. God healed. Silas walks.

Meet Silas
This is Silas. On the left, you’ll see what he looked liked when we first met him, shortly after the accident. On the right is Silas after medical care and therapy, standing and walking. Thankful for those who helped provide for his medical needs. A heart of praise for his Healer!You see, it’s because of you and your generosity and selflessness that Silas was able to receive the attention and treatment he needed. You did this for Silas. And you can do it again … for the next little boy or girl who needs you. They don’t have access to insurance or medication or medical help like we do; that’s why they need us.

The Matching Funds Challenge continues through December. For every $1 you give to Heart of God Africa, Africa will receive $2. EVERY DONATION UP TO $3000 WILL BE DOUBLED!

Your gift will change the lives of our friends in Africa as we work together, hand-in-hand, to provide nutritious meals, safe and fresh drinking water, quality education in a Christian environment, sponsorship programs, the continual planting of churches and schools, and ministering salvation through faith in Christ throughout all of Africa.

Let’s make December a memorable month for our friends in Africa. We need them as much as they need us!

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