Future plans

At the moment the staff cook over a wood fire outdoors. This involves a lot of bending and it is open to the elements, flies etc. with a risk of smoke inhalation.

Kitchen for the school

Ezra would like to build a kitchen to enable us to feed the children at lunchtime.
At the moment cooking is done outdoors. Because of the brick construction of the school facilities, an indoor kitchen can be used (images).

The kitchen is in a brick building. so cooking can be indoors
The kitchen is in a brick building, so cooking can be indoors.
The rice etc. is cooked in sealed pots with a wood fire underneath. The smoke goes out through a chimney at the back protecting the cooks from smoke inhalation and keeping the children safe. The worktops are at waist height.

Header tank for the school

Ezra would like to install a header tank from a nearby town (image below).

A header tank we saw at a nearby town and want to install at the school.

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