Left for dead – alive thanks to Ezra contributors

Sylus Masolo

Sylus Masolo and his father Sam Masolo

On 16th March, this year, Sylus Masolo was returning from school on his bicycle at 7pm, when he was knocked off his bike by a hit and run driver. He was unconscious and left for dead.

His family were alerted and he was taken to Mbale hospital, still unconscious. From there, because of the seriousness of his condition, he was referred to Kumi hospital more than 40 km away. He was not expected to live.

Sylus is the son of Sam Masolo who served on our School Management Committee for several years until February this year. His son Sylus is a former pupil at our school. He left us 2 years ago to go to secondary school.

Sam appealed to us for help for his medical expenses, which eventually totalled more than £1,000. Trustees of Ezra, Heart of God International and other friends helped out. Slowly, broken bones were set and Sylus started to recover, but it was a painful and difficult process because so many of his bones were broken.

Sylus with his mother Helen and father Sam

Sylus with his mother Helen and father Sam

The longer he stayed in hospital, the more expense was being incurred. Sam tried to sell some land to cover some of the costs, but found no buyer. He asked if Sylus could continue to recover at home, even though there was still some money outstanding. They agreed, but Sylus has been told he will never walk again and is in a wheelchair

He should have returned to the hospital on 4th May to have the metal spikes removed from his right leg, but because the equivalent of £250 was still owed, the hospital would not do the necessary operation. One month later, when Mary and Denise arrived in Uganda, we were told the current situation. Denise, Ezra trustee and Director go Heart of God East Africa, put an appeal on the website. The next morning, the money was available. It was donated by a man who had been thrown from a horse and broken his back. He was told he would never walk again and is now walking. He told us to tell Sylus his story. We had already prayed for Sylus, that despite what the doctors said, he would walk again.

The money needed for his transport to the hospital had been given to me in February by Nick Madge whom we had met in Uganda and it was Ugandan shillings that he had left over. We needed 130,000/- and he had given me 127,000/- – almost the exact amount needed.

Happy pupils receiving learning materials

Second year pupils were so happy to receive school exercise books. Learning materials are bought from the alternative gift cards which are available throughout the year.

Phoebe, the 3 year old with hydrocephalus

Phoebe had the initial operation but her mother had no money to take her back to the clinic for physiotherapy and follow up medical help. She has now had her follow up, paid of by Heart of God International and just needs physiotherapy to strengthen her legs.

Phoebe is very bright and was so happy when she was given the walker to try. She was shouting in Lugisu “I can walk!” It would be good to be able to buy one for her, because the physic considers that she really needs one.

The children are taught how to brush properly.

Widows making jewellery from paperPaper jewellery

Jewellery from paper are made by widows from the village and sold to raise the school fees for orphaned children. EZRA is providing training and materials needed to extend this skill (photos right).

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