How to help

Be a part of bringing hope to the children of Uganda!

Ezra has set up a Sponsorship Scheme to help support the pupils, staff and running of the school.
£20 a month will pay for the child’s uniform, shoes, books, materials, school fees and medical needs, but any amount you can regularly give will be of great benefit to the child.
If you feel you can help, please complete the form.

Or, make a will to Ezra

Olive and Malcolm Morley have jointly supported Ezra for many years. Malcolm died recently and asked in his will, that people give donations to Ezra instead of buying flowers for the funeral. The donation was £225 and was given for general purposes.

Or, you can buy an alternative gift card for Christmas, birthdays or any other special event.

 (any amount can be donated to our emergency fund)

Gift cardGifts for under £5
Polo shirt £1.50
Felt markers £2
Pupil’s text book £3
1 box pens £3
1 box pencils £2.50
50 plastic mugs for school meal £4
50 plastic plates for the school meal £4
Teacher’s text book £4
Pack of 3 polo shirts £4.50
Dozen exercise books £1.50

Gift cardGifts for £5
School uniform
Football shirt and shorts
Netball dress
Upper school text book
100 bricks
Mosquito net
Hygiene kit
Fruit tree seedlings + tending

Gift cardGifts for £10 – £15
Cooking pot for school meal, £15
2 mosquito nets for a family £10
200 bricks £10
300 bricks £15
Netball £10
Trainers £12
Football £12
Football boots £12
Volleyball £10
Mosquito tent £10
Carton of chalk & blackboard duster £10
Larger hygiene kit £10
Goat £15

Gift cardGifts for £20 – £25
400 Bricks £20
Teacher’s salary for 1 week £20
Head teacher’s salary for 1 week £25
Medicine for a class for a month £20
Tip tap £20
Big cooking pot £25

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