A real success story

On the left is Edith and on the right is Joy. In the doorway are two of our Ugandan trustees, Paul and Josephine Zanule.

These two girls came to our school from the age of six. They both did very well in their primary leaving exams and both achieved Grade 1. They then went on to secondary school where they again did very well and are presently doing teacher training.
They are now (2015) doing teaching practice at our school. They qualify next year and would like to return to teach at our school!

Parents bringing maize

Contribution made by parents towards their children’s schooling. When they harvest their maize, they bring an agreed amount to the school. It can be brought a little at a time. It is weighed and recorded in a book. The parent is given a receipt.

Netball championship

King’s primary school, has become a game resource centre for Bulambuli District.

Kakai Esther. P.6

Zilika Hellen p.6.

Muyama Sandra p.6

The children of Bunabutye near Mbale in Uganda


Class room 1993

The children are mainly orphaned or living with extended families in very poor living conditions.
In October 1993, the school was a mud hut where the children sat on logs on the floor and used corrugated tin sheeting for a blackboard. The teachers were unqualified.
There was no drinking water in the village, and as a result of this, many died of cholera and dysentery from drinking the river water. The nearest fresh water pump was 7 miles away.
Today – 2011 – the situation for the children of Bunabutye, has changed dramatically. Thanks to numerous donations from people in Wales and the UK, the school is providing education for 360 pupils. In last year’s exams for entry to secondary school, the lowest pupil in our school did better then the best pupil in all the surrounding schools.
EZRA needs your help to keep the project going! Read about what is going on now!

Head teacher, Moses Wangwe, report on achievements, April 2014.
10 YEARS Anniversary. More in NewsLetter May 2014.

It is 10 years since our school was opened (1st May 2004)

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