Letter from a village girl, Naribuya Joy, March 2001

Letter from a village girl to her donor in U.K.
To my lovely donor in U.K. I, Naribuya Joy and my guardians, strongly conveys the warmly greeting to my sponser in U.K, and not forgeting Mary & her husband in particular.

Back this May, I feel so proud with the gifts I received during the months of March 2001.

The items I received were as follows:
1. Mosquito net: this has saved ,e a lot from mosquito bites that could result in Malaria.
2. Box & Basin: my uniform and other clothes are now safe from rats.
3. Soyrcepans: infact our family have been using pots to prepare out meals but now were are happy.
4. Matres & Blanket: my skin is becoming health because of good bedings.
5. Shoes: I am now safe from diggers that has been affecting my foot & I look so smart.
6. Books and Pens: These has encouraged me a lot towards my studies and I’m glad to inform you that I performed well last term. I was number 1st out 87 in P3 at Bwikhonge Primary School.

I therefor end up saying that may the almighty continue to refund in your pocket si that you may also remain supporting me.
I wish I knew your name, I would be praying all the time by mentioning you in my prayers.

 Naribuya Joy

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